ABC political “Fact Checker” (the ABC’s caps), and host of The Drum and Planet America, John Barron, provides “analysis” of President Trump’s White House meeting with a group affected by school shootings from Columbine to the recent Florida massacre:

As an hour-long event, staged for the cameras, it would be easy to dismiss it as a PR stunt by a President whose response so far to the Florida shooting stands at just 31 per cent — another episode in the reality TV presidency of Donald Trump.

For a President known not to read much, including his daily briefings, but who spends hours watching cable news, perhaps immersing him in a TV event was a very clever way for his staff to have him hear a wider range of views than he’d get on Fox News.

The sole fact contained in these two paragraphs is that the meeting with the President did occur. The rest is shameless anti-Trump propaganda.

Once billed as “our” ABC, the national broadcaster no longer even bothers to pretend it’s anything other than the left’s ABC.

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