In the wake of the Florida school massacre Australia is often held up as the example of a country that successfully rid itself, via a buyback scheme, of dangerous semiautomatic weapons. Not even:

The investigation began last year when the man was stopped in his car by Shark Bay police on the remote North West Coastal Highway on October 6.

Police say inside the man’s car they found a stash of high-powered firearms, including AR15 semi-automatic rifles and Glock handguns.

A search of the man’s home was also carried out.

 Last week, WA Police confirmed the man had been charged with the following offence. 
  • Seven counts of unlicensed person sell firearm;
  • Four counts of acquire, sell, possess or use a prohibited firearm;
  • Two counts of contravene or fail to comply with any provisions of regulations;
  • One count of unlicensed person possess three or more firearms; and
  • One count of unlicensed person possess firearm.

We’re just lucky that the illegal guns out there floating around and have yet to be used in a massacre. As the adage goes, “outlaw guns and only criminals will have guns.”

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