Bugs are apparently vanishing at an astonishing rate, at least according to the ABC:

Bugs gone

A global crash in insect populations has found its way to Australia, with entomologists across the country reporting lower than average numbers of wild insects.

University of Sydney entomologist Dr Cameron Webb said researchers around the world widely acknowledge that insect populations are in decline, but are at a loss to determine the cause.

“On one hand it might be the widespread use of insecticides, on the other hand it might be urbanisation and the fact that we’re eliminating some of the plants where it’s really critical that these insects complete their development,” Dr Webb said.

“Add in to the mix climate change and sea level rise and it’s incredibly difficult to predict exactly what it is.”

All of the cited possible causes are, of course, related to human activity. Only late in the article does the following disclaimer appear

At this stage, reports of insect population declines in Australia are only anecdotal.

And, without formal scientific research into the phenomena, Dr Webb said it was difficult to make accurate predictions or assessments about insect numbers.

So there you have it: insect numbers might be declining and human activity might be the cause.


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