Whenever Americans’ right to keep and bear arms is questioned, as is happening after the Parkland, Florida atrocity, Australia is invariably paraded as an example of effective gun regulation. Thus decidedly-left-of-centre cable channel MSNBC seeks advice from a well-connected, knowledgable and uber-intelligent Aussie. (TRIGGER WARNING!: extreme condescension and inanity might dismay some readers.)


Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, asked to summarise Australia’s gun buyback scheme, can’t make it through his first sentence without delivering a clanger.

Well when my predecessor, a conservative, John Howard enacted legislation to ban all automatic and semi-automatic weapons from sale in Australia and from importation to Australia he had national consensus behind him.

Automatic weapons were already banned in Australia.

I think if you want to arrest the rate of mass shootings you’ve got to do something directly about automatic and semi-automatic weapons.

As of 1934 the US government required a special licence for automatic weapons, such weapons effectively prohibited after 1986. Rudd then spouts his opinions on US constitutional law:

I cannot see how if similar action [a ban on semi-automatic weapons] was taken here that the Supreme Court of this country would say that the right to bear a semi-automatic weapon is going to offend your second amendment rights. I don’t think so.

In response the MSNBC host points out that the Supreme Court, in its Heller decision, overturned a gun ban in Washington DC. Rudd astutely replies:

Well that’s just a nonsense: anti-tank weapons, field artillery, why not just a tactical nuke in terms of the right to bear arms? It’s nonsense.

Rudd, not exactly your typical bush Aussie, harkens back to his rural childhood:

I grew up on a farm in rural Australia. We had lots of wild animals around the place. My father had a single gauge shotgun [sic], which he used infrequently, often using the butt of the rifle [a shotgun isn’t a rifle] rather than the shooting bit.

With Rudd’s father in the habit of clubbing animals to death with the butt of his firearm, it’s surprising Rudd didn’t emerge as a psychopath. Rudd returns to lecturing Americans:

I don’t see how anyone in this country has a legitimate need for one of these pump action machines.

Pump action and semi-automatic are totally different classes of weapons.

I understand the reason for militia. I’m a student of the revolutionary war.

Rudd, whose education concentrated on Chinese studies, continues to pontificate on the American experience:

To think you are now helpless as a nation to change the laws I think is just dead wrong given where the Supreme Court could and should go in the future on any challenge to getting rid of semi-automatic weapons. Can you see the Supreme Court bench standing up there in Washington DC and saying we’re defending the semi-automatic weapons possession of Joe Schlobotnik out there because of your second amendment rights? I don’t thin so.

Rudd returns to his rich Australian experience:

We’re a rural country, we’re a frontier country. My state of Queensland is a rural part of Australia, 2/3 of us live outside cities.

Rudd is spouting nonsense: Queensland government statistics show that the state’s population was, as of 2006, concentrated in urban areas, less than 15% of the population, rather than the 67% claimed, living rurally. For Australia overall, less than 11% of the population lives rurally as of 2015.

A true believer in the leftist notion that there’s no such thing as too much government, Rudd sums up:

Well I think in this country you’ve suffered from half a century of government bashing where basically government equals evil, equals bad and therefore we can’t trust them with anything.This is a deep cancer in this society which you can turn around. But I think there is a bit of a national learned helpless syndrome here in the United States about this.

Nothing is more cancerous than believing that big government is invariably a force for good.

12 thoughts on “SMUG AND DUMB

  1. From an Aussie: Rudd was a complete disaster in this country, so it’s a bit bloody rich for him to be pontificating to you folks about what the US Supreme Court should or should not do. No decent Aussie pays any heed to what falls out of his mouth, so I guess he went to where MSNBC would give him some airplay. Our apologies! Tar and feather him and send him home to anonymity.


  2. Unfortunately this is the typical Australian virtue signaller response. They invariably know nothing, I repeat nothing about guns, the US Constitution, or for that matter the Australian response to the Port Arthur massacre.
    I developed the Australian National Firearms Licensing and Registration system and I believed in the aims of the system. The Australian experience however is completely different to the American experience. We have no entitlement to own guns with strict rules probably meaning there’s less in the community, and that they are locked up at least. Criminals will continue to gain access to weapons – you will never stop that. They’re criminals, hence the name, it’s in the Job Description.
    As Rob says, we’re sorry that you had to put up with that sanctimonious windbag, but we are glad that he now lives in the US.


  3. Again another Aussie. Rudd was an identity switching loon. He said whatever he needed to say to whatever audience he was in front of to make himself look good. He didn’t see out one term as PM before his own party finally acknowledged he was a psychopath and dumped him. As a country 10 years after he was elected we are still recovering from the experience.


  4. Rudd now lives in America, because most Australians would not let him get a coffee without giving him the benefit of their opinion about his disastrous years in office. He is our Merkel, except he’s less of a bloke than she is.


  5. First off I would like to apologise to all Americans for the nasty habit most Australians have of presuming to know all there is to know about America.

    Even now you will hardly find one who can fathom the possibility of their being an argument in favour of the second amendment. But instead of reflecting that, since there is a debate in America, there must be another side, they decide that they know everything and therefore a large portion of the population must be idiots.

    Ironic, huh?

    As for Rudd – his election was achieved through a meticulously choreographed campaign with the MSM (uniformly left-wing in Australia) in the orchestra pit, playing faithfully from the score provided.

    He was the original #MeToo, as well. His policies were invariable lifted from John Howard (hence one of his nicknames ‘Kevin MeToo’) but he promised to carry out these policies more nicely. This way they made the election not about policies, but about charm. Howard was known over his career to have made choices that were hard on people, so he was Mr Meanie. Kevin was unknown but looked so cherubic.

    When he was elected and the ‘governing’ thing interfered with the still-going election campaign, and people began to see the set was just plsaterboard, the jewellery just paste, and the polished sprightly stage performer a wheezing old hack bureaucrat, well his party couldn’t dump him quick enough.

    They tried to resurrect him when the ranga fishwife started was circling the drain, but no one fell for it and the party lost the election in a landslide.

    Rudd has always been a pompous, self-conceited, arrogant, pretentious, vicious, malodorous, vapid, constipated, simulacrum poseur. The sooner he pierces his brain drinking coffee from a cup with the spoon still in it, convinced till the last that such cavils are for little people, the better.

    In fact, I think I will send him some spoons for his birthday. Can you get spoons with hollow points?


  6. “With Rudd’s father in the habit of clubbing animals to death with the butt of his firearm, it’s surprising Rudd didn’t emerge as a psychopath.”

    Another error. He did. He acts all friend in front of the camera, but his tantrums and appalling treatment of people away from the camera were legendary. That’s a reason he was removed as Prime Minister by his own party in his first term in office. Another is that he stands for absolutely nothing.

    Apologies again from another Australian. Thank you from a gracious nation for taking this low life off our hands.


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