The simmering ball-tampering saga in South Africa is but minor compared to the cricket scandal quietly unfolding in Perth.

Optus Stadium doesn’t meet acceptable female standards.

Perth’s new $1.5 billion stadium does not have female-friendly player change rooms.

That’s according to the WA Cricket Association, which wants Optus Stadium bosses to fix the dressing rooms and showering facilities before the start of the next cricket season.

The stadium has six player change rooms with showers that are either open or individually partitioned, but none have a lockable door or shower curtain to give users privacy — which WACA chief executive Christina Matthews said was a minimum requirement for sportswomen.

“(The change rooms) are new and swish but they haven’t been developed with females in mind,” the State’s cricket boss said.

“There’s no closed shower cubicles, which is important for women. At the very least there should be a shower curtain. The dressing areas also have partitions but no doors.

“It’s a common mistake because the majority of the people designing these things are males. We’ve given the stadium the defects list in regard to female-friendly facilities and some of the work is under way to addressing them.”

Women require different facilities because – contrary to arguments put forward by feminists – males and females are different:

Ms Matthews … said women didn’t need more privacy out of “modesty or humility” but from a practical point of view. “Women get periods and you don’t necessarily want that in an open shower.

It’s got nothing to do with modesty or humility, it’s a real issue,” she said. “You need a private space or cubicle for changing and … a lockable shower rather than an open one. To be fair, the stadium design was signed off five years ago and a lot has changed in women’s sport in that time.”

Female cricketers require individual, lockable shower stalls because …

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