The National Roads and Motorists’ Association recommends an incentive system to encourage safe driving:

A new report by the motorists’ association recommends P-plate drivers with a clean record should be rewarded with a free licence — saving them up to $180 — and registration should be free if they have five-star cars.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian said she was in interested in the idea.

“I will look at any proposal which helps reduce the road toll but more importantly, increases safety, because all of us can be more proactive,” she said.

“We will absolutely keep open our opportunities to look at that.”

What about the thousands of mature-age drivers who consistently drive safely but receive no incentives whatsoever? I’ve driven in Australia for over 40 years, have never caused an accident, have received a total of 6 demerits but have never been rewarded.

Offering financial incentives to P-platers will encourage others, most likely older family members, to falsely accept responsibility for infringements. It seems more sensible to hammer P-platers by doubling fines and demerits.

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