Kate Mulvany and her family were no doubt distraught when the three year-old was diagnosed with cancer:

Actor and playwright Kate Mulvany was just three years old when her parents were told to pick out a coffin for their daughter.

Her mother had taken her to Princess Margaret Hospital after a fall, only for doctors to diagnose her with renal cancer.

Hospital staff told Mulvany’s parents to “pick out a coffin”?

Doctors had, in fact, discovered a tumour the size of an AFL football her stomach [sic].

“Mum had always just thought it was a pot belly and doctors had always said, ‘she’s just eating too much of that Italian spaghetti’,” Mulvany explained.

A tumour the size of an AFL football would have been obvious because it pretty much would have doubled the size of a three year-old girl.

There was another shock to come much later, however, when the cause of the cancer was revealedthe deadly chemical weapon Agent Orange, used in the Vietnam War by the US military.

“I was born with renal cancer from my father’s exposure to Agent Orange in the Vietnam War,” Mulvany said.

Who revealed the cancer’s cause? Agent Orange was not a “deadly chemical weapon”, it was an herbicide contaminated with dioxins created during the manufacturing process. The dioxin contaminants, often touted as the most toxic substances on the planet, while persistent, are actually not especially dangerous, posing no outstanding cancer risk to either those exposed or their offspring.

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