Kevin Rudd is emerging as a social media star in China:

Writing and blogging regularly in Mandarin Chinese, the former Australian prime minister has found a receptive audience of more than 613,000 followers for his personal views on the Australia-China relationship.

“I have just criticised Turnbull on Australian television because he derailed China-Australia relations for his domestic political interests. That is very irresponsible,” Mr Rudd wrote on April 24.

“Frankly, it was irresponsible and very problematic for Turnbull to say that ‘the Australian people have stood up’,” he adds in another April post, referring to when Mr Turnbull last year struck out at Beijing and declared using a popular Maoism in Mandarin Chinese after announcing new espionage legislations.

“[It was] an insult to Chinese people, to Chinese-Australians, and to Australians,” Mr Rudd goes on.

I have always called for Australia to value its friendship with China – to establish systematic and comprehensive China-Australian strategic relation instead of being paranoid and all over the place.”

It is “irresponsible and very problematic” for the former Prime Minister to assert that Chinese communists value “friendship” with Australia when their real goal is to undermine Australia’s political and economic independence.

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