Obviously love isn’t always the all-conquering force it’s made out to be:

A boy meets a girl and they fall in love; eventually, they wish to marry. Meanwhile, the girl’s family has contempt for the boy and his family. The girl’s father and brother are vehemently opposed to the relationship and are prepared to shed blood to separate the two.

Sounds like Shakespeare? Romeo and Juliet?

If you thought that this scenario is out of Elizabethan times, or remote Afghanistan, think again. This is a story from Kerala, probably India’s most progressive and educated state. Kevin Joseph, a 24-year-old Christian from a traditionally oppressed community, fell in love with Neenu Chacko — a 20-year-old Syrian Christian (a socially and economically privileged community).

They applied to marry against the wishes of Neenu’s family. On May 26, Kevin was abducted and his body was found with torture marks near a dam site. Autopsy reports suggested that he had been forcibly drowned. The girl’s brother, father and other family members have been arrested for orchestrating the murder.

The title of the ABC piece:

Kevin Joseph’s ‘honour killing’ a symptom of women’s disempowerment in Kerala, India

Kevin Joseph has breathed his last but his betrothed is the real victim.

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