Australian ex-Muslims’ fears for their safety are totally unfounded:

Sydney scholar Sheikh Ahmed Abdo said: “You could easily pick and choose verses from the Koran and shape whatever narrative you want … if they’re not taken in a holistic manner.”

He said apostasy carried a capital punishment in classical Islamic legal manuals, though added: “The punishment for apostasy is usually included in sections dealing with rebellion and political warfare.”

“People are free to choose to embrace Islam or leave Islam, just like they’re free to make choices in how they live their lives.”

He added: “No-one should be calling to kill an apostate in lands where Islamic law is not applied.”

And so it is that death is the appropriate punishment for apostates but in Muslim-minority Australia there should be no public relations unfriendly “call” for the death of those who have abandoned Islam. So kill them quietly for the sake of Allah.

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