Feminist pressure forces a corporate rebranding:

After being on shelves for more than 60 years, Kleenex maker Kimberly Clark said it will re-brand its “Mansize” tissues after a rise in consumer complaints cried the product was sexist.

The consumer products company, which sells its “Mansize” tissues in the UK, said due a “consistent increase of complaints on gender concern” the product will now be called “Kleenex Extra Large.”

Meanwhile, a man-sized “female” trounces genuinely female competitors:

The bronze medalist in last weekend’s female cycling championship isn’t pleased she lost to a biological male who identifies as a woman, Jennifer Wagner revealed this week.

Wagner placed third in the women’s sprint 35-39 bracket of the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) Masters Track Cycling World Championships Saturday. She lost to silver medalist Carolien van Herrikhuyzen and champion Rachel McKinnon, a Canadian-born philosophy professor who “identifies” as female despite being biologically male.

McKinnon boasted that he was the “First transgender woman world champion…ever” and some have taken his win as a milestone for “equality” in professional athletics.


Inequality masquerading as equality.

One thought on “MANSIZE

  1. I’m not aware men ever sneezed bigger than women. It was my understanding that “Man Size” simply meant tissues big enough for cleaning up the mess after masturbating. Not really sure what the feminine market for this is.


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