The ABC argues that electric cars are cleaner, greener and easier:

Jude Burger has owned Tesla electric cars for the last three years. It’s fair to say she’s a convert.

“When people look at buying a new car I think increasing absolutely they’ll be looking at electric,” she told Hack.

Jude founded the Tesla Owners Club of Australia and she thinks the momentum for electric cars is building

“We’ll all be driving electric cars in ten years.

 Jude decided to get an electric car for environmental reasons, but she said there’s more to it than that

“There’s just so many advantages. So few moving parts compared to a petrol car, it’s so much cleaner, the instant torque is fantastic, much easier to maintain, much cheaper for fuel.

But though running costs may be cheap, there’s one massive drawback that’s keeping consumers away: the cars themselves are super expensive.

Cleaner and greener perhaps, but definitely not easier:

Apart from cost, there’s the public perception of reliability. Most people drive no more than 50km a day, but heaps of you are still worried about running out of juice.

Chris said that concern is unfounded.

“The average brand new electric car these days is coming out with 150 kms to 350kms range. So range is just not an issue anymore,” he said.

Electric cars are fine for people who never leave a metropolitan area but are virtually useless for Australians wanting to roam the country’s wide open spaces, and towing a boat or caravan would further limit range.

Take Western Australia, where distances between Perth and regional centres turn a formerly simple drive into a stop-to-recharge ordeal.

  • Perth to Esperance, 714 km
  • Perth to Geraldton,  414 km
  • Perth to Kalgoorlie, 593 km
  • Perth to Carnarvon, 890 km
  • Perth to Broome, 2,240 km
  • Perth to Kununurra, 3,213 km

Also, going anywhere of the beating track where you must carry your own fuel is out of the question. Petrol and diesel vehicles will be around for quite some time.

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