The Ecuadorian government, after hosting Julian Assange in its London embassy for years, earlier this month attempted to impose requirements any sensible person would expect a teenager to abide by:

The government of Ecuador reportedly is making WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s internet access subject to a series of rules, including cleaning the bathroom, taking care of his cat and steering clear of hot political topics.

Assange is barred from “interfering in the internal affairs of other states” as well as activities “that could prejudice Ecuador’s good relations with other states,” according to a memo released by the Ecuadorean website Codigo Vidrio and reported by The Associated Press.

Assange is also required to take better care of his pet cat, or else it will be confiscated and taken to an animal shelter.

Rather than act like an adult, Assange took legal action seeking to force his hosts to conform to his wishes. Assange’s hopes have been dashed:

A judge has rejected WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s request to loosen new living requirements, including paying for his internet and cleaning up after his cat, that he says are meant to push him into leaving the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

Judge Karina Martinez decided stricter rules recently imposed by the South American nation’s embassy do not violate his asylum rights because authorities have the right to decide what is and is not allowed inside the building.

Ecuadorian officials praised the ruling in the latest row between the Australian hacker and the government that has provided him refuge for six years.

Relations between Mr Assange and Ecuador have grown increasingly prickly as the years have dragged on with no solution in sight.

Mr Assange’s lawyer, Carlos Poveda, vowed to appeal against the decision.

A very entertaining resolution appears to be fast approaching.

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