In honour of World Vegan Day, Choice offers helpful advice for privileged Australians considering adopting the most fundamentalist of religions:

Market research group Euromonitor has predicted that globally people will increasingly choose to eradicate animal-based products from their lives. There’s even an annual campaign run by charity Veganuary in which curious omnivores and vegetarians pledge to try veganism for a month. So why is choosing vegan now so popular?

Dr Kate Marsh is an advanced accredited practising dietitian specialising in plant-based diets. She has always had a lot of vegan clients, but in recent years she has seen a big increase. “Previously it was one client every few weeks, but now it’s probably a few clients each week,” she says.

Marsh thinks one of the reasons people are becoming more aware of veganism is there’s a lot more information available around ethical and environmental issues. “I’m seeing an increasing number of younger people who are aware of and knowledgeable about the environmental and ethical reasons for becoming vegan,” she says. “It’s also getting easier to become vegan due to the increasing range of vegan foods now available.”

And unlike some fad diets, veganism seems unlikely to go out of fashion.

“For a lot of other popular diets there’s little evidence showing long-term health benefits. But there’s so much evidence that plant-based diets are good for health, as well as for the environment and sustainability,” says Marsh.

“If people have chosen to go vegan for ethical reasons or strong health reasons, I don’t see many who switch back once they’ve worked out how to have enough variety in their diet.” 

Dietician Marsh doesn’t see many trendoids abandoning veganism but in the real world, lapsed plant-based diet adherents far outnumber practitioners:

How Many? – The proportion of true vegetarians and vegans in the United State is surprisingly small. Only about 2% of respondents did not consume any meat – 1.5% were vegetarians and 0.5% were vegans. These finding are generally consistent with other studies.

Going BackFive out of six people who give up meat eventually abandon their vegetarian ways.

Vegans Vs. VegetariansVegans are less like to backslide than vegetarians. While 86% of vegetarians returned to meat, only 70% of vegans did.

It’s immediately identifiable, of course, that virtue-signalling leftists are the vast majority of the fundamentalist converts:

Political views – More than twice as many vegetarians and vegans indicated they were politically liberal rather than said they were conservative.

It’s also no surprise that female vegans far outnumber males.

Veganism is nonsense, as evidenced by herbivores that eat meat when the opportunity presents itself.

Do yourself a favour by firing up the barbie.

Update: Australia’s most prominent vegan advocates dietary compulsion:

You shouldn’t have a choice. You should absolutely be forced to be vegan. The situation the planet is in – we cannot wait for you to get your f*****g s*** together. We cannot wait. The animals cannot wait.

‘As you can see I’m very passionate about this and do I want to kill people? No, I don’t want to kill people and yes, I was in that situation before where I didn’t know about the meat and dairy industry. I didn’t have a f*****g clue but I educated myself.

‘So there’s people who have educated themselves but they are like “I don’t feel like doing it right now. I knew a vegan once and they were a little bit weak and they couldn’t do this and that”.’

The health blogger continues ranting about people ‘looking for excuses’ to avoid becoming vegan and claims they should ‘not have that option’ to choose.

‘You just got to step the f*** up or you really don’t deserve to live on this planet.’

This pencil-thin vegan con artist now admits to regretting to her breasts augmentation:


Update II: A prominent, self-confessed sociopathic Canadian vegan seeks to capitalise off of the death of a family member:




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