Wanna-be vegan celebrity Natasha, the 20 year-old “girlfriend” of 41 year-old Australian vegan serial liar, – he owns a Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche but has no driver’s license – narcissist, self-confessed steroid user, advocate of eating 30 bananas a dayroad rager, self-confessed pimp and alleged rapist Durianrider, provides a “full body gym workout” aimed at helping devotees of an inherently inadequate plant-based diet avoid the “undesirable” outcome of breaking their pelvis or legs should they take a minor cycling spill:

The unnaturally top-heavy, obviously narcissistic but weak-as-a-kitten Natasha seeks to convince gullible females that they too can be trim, taut and terrific if they take her diet and fitness advice. Far from being fit and strong, the poor malnourished girl would struggle to pull the skin from a mug of – vegan, of course – pea soup.

Simply adopt a wholly unnatural diet plant-based diet, take up cycling and do exercises achievable by most 12 year-olds and you too will slim down and sprout magnificent breasts. What’s actually going is a cynical attempt by Natasha to launch a Youtube career and Durianrider to reverse his downward spiral into insignificance.

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