Greens candidate Angus McAlpine, a plumber and rapper, gives his pitch to Footscray voters:

I was born and raised in Melbourne and grew up in one of the many multicultural communities that have come to define our amazing city. My mum, a mental health nurse, instilled in me strong values of social justice, and to stand up and speak out against inequality.

There’s a reason why McAlpine and the Greens don’t tout his musical artistry:

The Greens candidate in Footscray, Angus McAlpine, apologised on Tuesday for the “reprehensible” lyrics he rapped as the frontman in hip hop outfit Broken Aesthetiks.

The lyrics included lines such as: “Got no class when trying to get some a**, put a rowie [Rohypnol] in your glass and wait for a few minutes to pass” and “date rape drugs in her drink then have my way.”

Mr McAlpine said he had been on a journey of discovery that had taught him about “toxic masculinity”.

He said the lyrics, on an album released in 2010, were a “shocking attempt” at crude humour that he made because he was “incredibly stupid and moronic”.

But in a YouTube video from 2017, Mr McAlpine is asked about an ideal trip and replies “a Polynesian island with topless chicks giving me coconuts”.

Another example of “toxic masculinity” has since emerged:

In the song, posted by his record company earlier this year, Angus McAlpine — performing under the name Angus Younga — appears to rap that “it ain’t nothing” for him to “choke a bitch”.

Greens leader Samantha Ratnam is standing by Mr McAlpine, who is the candidate for Footscray, and the party said the lyric was actually “choke it bitch”, and is a reference to smoking drugs, not violence against women.

Lefties don’t play by the rules that apply to everyone else.

One thought on “#HIMTOO

  1. Dumb move by the greens. When we are finally holding men accountable for behaving badly the greens stand by their man. While the female candidates stand down for joking about a nonviolent crime. Greens didnt want rappers like that entering Australia a few years back with good reason, why the hypocracy? This and the sexual assualt claim against the other greens candidate caused the greens to loose their supporters across Victoria, myself included.


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