Briton’s are heeding government advice to report even the most trivial of perceived acts of “hatefulness” to police:

A description of the dog fouling incident reads: “An unknown dog has fouled outside of victim address and victim perceived this to be a racial incident.”

Another canine-related case logged as an alleged hate crime says: “Suspect’s dog barking at victim.”

Everybody and his dog is getting in on the hate-spewing:

One entry says: “Victim on hearing her neighbours in their house has put her ear up to their door to hear what they are talking about. In a conversation they have referred to her as [redacted] and made remarks of trying to get her moved out.”

Another reads: “Witness has had parking issues with her next-door neighbour, their children apparently throw stones and balls over the garden fence. Witness has recently found a dead rat in garden and perceives this to be racist.”

On another occasion, a resident in a block of flats reported that a neighbour was racially abusing them by “smoking heavily”.

Meanwhile, an angry father called police after his daughter lost a tennis match to complain the defeat was due to a racist umpire. “Informant feels his daughter was subjected to racial discrimination at a tennis match where line calls went against her,” the incident log reads.

Other arguments involved unhappy customers in shops, pubs and on public transport.

They include one person who felt a bus driver had given them a “racist look” and a woman thrown out of a pub for being ‘drunk, aggressive and erratic’ who told police she had been targeted ‘because she is Polish’.

In a separate complaint, a pupil struggling in a swimming lesson reported his teacher for “faith-based abuse” for speaking to him in an “abrupt manner”.

Meanwhile, Britain’s law enforcement chiefs have decided they might have erred in touting their commitment to logging matters of no significance whatsoever:

Scotland Yard has withdrawn claims it has 900 officers dedicated to investigating alleged hate crimes.

Met police chiefs were criticised for bragging about the resources during a surge in London murders.

One tweet boasted: “We have 900+ specialist officers dedicated to investigating all hate crime.”

Rather than serve and protect, police now listen and commiserate.

2 thoughts on “INTERSPECIES HATE

  1. I must be an asylum seeker, because if I ever go back to Britain I’ll be arrested by the hate police immediately. I once posted that I hate pineapple on pizza.


  2. Denouncing one’s neighbours, family members and people passing by: this is the [intolerant] behaviour so typical of and encouraged in fascistic dictatorships which operate on the basis of fear, never tolerance. In Australia it’s encouraged by the various human relations commissions which operate much like the infamous Star Chamber in England and also the show trials so beloved of Stalin and other dictators of the caring Left.


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