Karma could prove a bitch for lawyer, Trump critic, 2020 presidential hopeful and advocate for believing all women Michael Avenatti:

In a sworn declaration, Mareli Miniutti, 24, said she and Avenatti, 47, dated from October 2017 to Nov. 13, the night Avenatti allegedly hit her in the face with pillows and followed her into a guest bedroom where she went to sleep alone, the New York Times reported.

Miniutti said they had an argument about money in his Los Angeles apartment.

“He dragged me on the floor of the apartment towards and out of the door into the public hallway,” she wrote in the declaration. “I was wearing only my underwear and a T-shirt at the time, and suffered scratches to the bare skin on my side and leg.”

This looks to be part of a pattern:

 In a separate episode, Miniutti also claimed Avenatti had been drinking and pushed her out of a different apartment into a hallway, threw shoes at her and struck her in the leg.

She reportedly said the high-profile lawyer “has a history of being very verbally abusive and financially controlling towards me,” and that he “made promises to ‘take care of me’ financially and sometimes fails to follow through.”

A modicum of strife is to be expected given the 23 year age difference.


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